Gym Forms is a new Online Form Solution that specialises in Online Form Templates and PDFs for the Gym & Fitness industry.

Gym Forms offer Free Gym Form PDFs, Editable PDF Templates and Online Web Forms. With lots of different templates to cover all areas of the industry including:

All form templates have been specially designed to help Fitness professionals and Gym Owners to become more efficient and save time.

The main online form system is quick and easy to set up – you simply have to register, choose any of the templates, upload your logo and the system will automatically add the logo and colours to the form templates. You can then send the forms to your clients via the Gym Forms Portal or you can email them directly via email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or any other electronic means.

Web forms can be opened and accessed on any device (phone, tablet, laptop or pc) so there is no need for clients to download and install an app and they can sign the form electronically on the screen or with the mouse. The online forms offer a lot more flexibility than a PDF.

The forms have mandatory fields to ensure that the forms are completed in full along with drop down menus for quick form filling. When the form is submitted a copy of the form can be sent automatically to the client (for their own records) and the Gym Owner or Fitness Instructor will also receive an email notification. The form is then stored securely on the Gym Forms portal where they can be organised into folders, viewed and downloaded to PDF or CSV.

Gym Forms offer a Free version of the Online Form Solution to allow users to test the system out and to also support new fitness businesses that are just getting started.

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